The bills are coming up and the money shortening, and the alternative is to use the credit card to get away from the squeeze. Then, the minimum invoice is paid, disregarding the card’s revolving credit. Incidentally, do you know what the revolving credit is? Do you know the new rules of the credit card?

Let’s uncomplicate this whole thing so you do not fall into defaults.

What is revolving credit?


We use the revolving credit through the payment of the minimum amount of the invoice of the card, in that sense, any amount paid less than the total of the invoice, is a revolving credit.

  • Understand the installment of the credit card invoice

This credit option is made available to the consumer when he or she does not pay the full amount of the card’s invoice until the due date.

However, the difference between the total and the minimum amount paid is converted into a loan, and therefore, there is the occurrence of interest until the end of the debt.

  • Installing credit card charges interest?

How does revolving credit work?

How does revolving credit work?

Three points of this modality need to be exposed to understand its functioning:

  1. The institution that provided the card will analyze its ability to meet the limit made available;
  2. The revolving credit can only be used for one month;
  3. If it is not possible to pay the full amount of the next invoice, the institution can propose a new line of credit.
  • How does the credit card invoice work?

Inside the new credit card rules

Inside the new credit card rules

In order to reduce the interest of the rotary, the limit of only of 30 days was defined. After this period, the amount must be paid in full.

The new rules were adopted in April 2017. The purpose is precisely to prevent consumer over-indebtedness.

Be careful!

  • With the rotary, the care must be redoubled:
  • Analyze if you can afford the plots;
  • Be aware of the invoice amount;
  • Track the interest rates used;
  • Make control of your purchases in installments;
  • Try to pay the full amount of the invoice to avoid interest.

I can not take the invoice, and now?

If you get tight, you can seek other lines of credit with lower interest rates.

To do this, see the interest rate for the rotary, simulate with the Financial Group and compare. Easy, fast, no-bureaucratic loan is our guarantee.

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