Loan for unemployed person

Using a loan is becoming more common for individuals. If banks tend to prefer people with jobs, the unemployed can also apply for a loan in Belgium. To the divergence of conventional personal loans, your record for an unemployed personal loan must be punctilious. Also, every detail will have to be taken in importance to satisfy the agent in charge of analyzing your unemployed loan application. The advice of a broker can tip the scales in your favor.

Finance your project as unemployed

Finance your project as unemployed

For a jobless person, the unemployed loan remains a credible solution to get out of it. However, the loan is a financial commitment and banking institutions are often reluctant to trust the unemployed. However, there are many ways to obtain an unemployed loan in Belgium. For any borrower who has 10% of the amount requested, the chances of accessing an unemployed loan near Belgian banks are increased. But if this is not the case, it is still possible to seek advice from these lenders who will impose certain conditions before granting you the credit unemployed through obtaining a personal credit. This is essential because there is a Belgian law that protects the unemployed who do not manage to pay the monthly payments.

you are refused for a loan of honor, there is also the solution of personal micro-credit social. This is a type of credit for people in great need or job applicants. This one is Granted by financial ferments, with a low utility rate. If you ask for microcredit for the purchase of a car to go to work, it increases your chances of acceptance. Any proof of determination is well seen. Microcredit exists to help people who are truly in a very soft situation. The state feels it is his duty to help people get back up.

Conditions for granting the unemployed personal loan

Conditions for granting the unemployed personal loan

For receipts, they are the same as a conventional loan. The majority of the information on his / her identity, an unemployment certificate, the proof of address, the various statements of the energy bills of the last three months as well as the statements of account must be provided. The list is not complete and some banks will probably ask for other essential items according to your request.

Unemployment is a difficult situation to manage, not only financially but also morally. Whatever the reason, one will have to find one that emerges to overcome it effectively. When overindebtedness is waiting for you because you find it impossible to repay current loans and debts, you must find a solution to deal with this insolvency problem. One of the recommended solutions for the unemployed is mortgage refinancing. Although it is intended especially for people with comfortable incomes, the unemployed can achieve this under certain conditions.



The system of grouping credits for the unemployed is difficult to ask, but it is not impossible. All lenders do not take the risk of helping at-risk borrowers. You will have to combine certain conditions for a bank to agree to pay your credits and take the responsibility to grant you a new loan. In this case, she agrees to discharge the other banking institutions of the risk of unpaid and she assumes the risk alone from the moment she clears the credits for you.

The second alternative for a person who does not have the possibility to subscribe to an unemployed credit, that to make play its real guarantee. This heritage property must be a property whose amount is generally equivalent to that of the requested credit. This solution gives the bank to seize the property and put it on an auction if the customer can no longer meet its deadlines. A method in this case infallible in case of credit affected. We have seen some ways to take for a person free of all CDI, however, there are others.

When you see a request for credit, the lending group is forced to consult your financial income, they can be real estate. Works with financial ferments specialized in personal credit for not payroll record. Your credit with sufficient property guarantee from € 35,000 sets up its expertise in credit management for people not to payroll.


Let’s go back to the three cases of the jobseeker’s job at the end of the job, the owner with no real source of income and the recent unemployed person. The first has the most difficulty in discussing a loan because it has no guarantee. It must be borne in mind that credit organizations are for-profit entities and not for social purposes. There is no question for them of taking risks,

Personal Payday Loan : Opinions and Reviews

Today we will see it together with our guide on what to do to get it.

We will see what are the steps to follow, how to choose the most advantageous interest rates and how to apply for the Personal Payday loan also online. Enjoy the reading!


  • How to get a Personal Payday loan with Good Finance
  • The Personal Payday loan in Good Finance
  • The necessary guarantees for the Personal Payday loan with Good Finance
  • What you need to get the Personal Payday loan with Intesa
  • Times to get the Personal Payday loan with Intesa
  • Interest for the Personal Payday loan with Good Finance
  • The Personal Payday loan with Intesa for the subjects protested
  • Good Finance Personal Payday loans for temporary workers

How to get a Personal Payday loan with Good Finance

How to get a Personal Payday loan with Good Finance

Often in life you may need to apply for a Personal Payday loan to deal with some problems or to make some small purchases for your family. Good Finance allows you to find the option that suits you best.

To apply for a Personal Payday loan through Good Finance it is also possible to opt for an online request. Banca Intesa allows you to have fast money up to 30000 euros, while for higher figures you have to wait longer. If the Personal Payday loan is requested online it usually takes a couple of days to get the money.

With a simple click on the official website of the bank it is possible to have the Personal Payday loan in more or less 48 hours. In summary, the practice opens and the sum is obtained in just two days.

To calculate which will be more or less the installment to be paid, it is sufficient to quote online. You enter your data in the online form, the amount you need and the number of installments.

The quote is totally free and is not binding for the Personal Payday loan request. Thanks to the online quote, you can get an idea of ​​the cost and the approximate cost of the installments. The budget allows you to orient yourself about the duration of the installments and their cost.

As the months for repayment increase, the installment is lowered, but interest is increased. We therefore advise you to evaluate the payment period so as not to waste too much money on interest.

To find out what the characteristics of the Personal Payday loan with Good Finance are, we recommend that you ask an appointee for an appointment at a branch, so you will avoid having nasty surprises.

The Personal Payday loan in Good Finance

The Personal Payday loan in Good Finance

The Good Finance Personal Payday loan in Pocket has a flexible duration and the repayment plan ranges from 12 up to 48 installments.

Up to 5000 euros can be requested. Prestito in Tasca is dedicated to customers who have had an account with Good Finance for more than 6 months or in a bank of Gruppo Intesa. It is a type of Personal Payday loan reserved for those who only need a small amount to borrow.

The necessary guarantees for the Personal Payday loan with Good Finance

The necessary guarantees for the Personal Payday loan with Good Finance

For each Personal Payday loan there are guarantees to be provided to the Bank, the same also applies to the Personal Payday loan in the Pocket. The guarantees to be given to the Intesa bank are the same also for those who are on the list of bad payers or for those who have been protested. The various guarantees for applying for a Personal Payday loan with Intesa are:

  • The pension : which influences the duration and the number of the installments according to the age of the subject;
  • The pay slip : which allows you to get the Personal Payday loan quickly and at advantageous rates;
  • The salary-back assignment : in general it also helps those who have been protested or are in the bad payer list to obtain the Personal Payday loan, the sum will be withdrawn from the pension or salary, it allows to obtain favorable rates;
  • The guarantee of a third party : the guarantor acts as a guarantee and can become liable in place of the applicant, it can be a friend, relative or parent.

Credit scoring – assessment of creditworthiness

Credit scoring is a numerical expression based on an analysis of a person’s financial documents to reflect his actual and current creditworthiness. The credit assessment is primarily based on information resulting from the creditworthiness analysis.


Credit score

Banks and other financial institutions that provide loans and credits use this tool to assess potential risks associated with borrowing money to consumers and mitigating possible losses due to the insolvency of a given Borrower. Financial institutions use credit scoring to determine what person is eligible to receive a given loan, what the interest rate of the commitment should be and what amount of credit can be granted to that person.

The credit rating is based on the analysis of:

  • the district in which the borrower resides,
  • the number of people dependent on the borrower,
  • the period of residence at the current address,
  • employment period in the current position,
  • employment with the previous employer,
  • employment period in the same enterprise,
  • held payment cards,
  • bank accounts held,
  • current savings programs,
  • owning a car,
  • having a telephone,
  • having life insurance,
  • banking references,
  • housing status,
  • age and marital status,
  • education (especially if the person performs a privileged profession – a doctor, lawyer, IT specialist, notary public, dentist – that is, recognized in the credit assessment as guaranteeing re-employment, even in the case of immediate loss – dismissal from the current job).
  • amount of monthly income
  • profession

According to the official definition in the US legal act The Equal Credit Opportunity Act (Section 202.2), implemented by Regulation B, credit scoring has the following features:

  • is based on data collected thanks to empirical comparison of the population of reliable and unreliable borrowers who applied for a loan in a certain time span,
  • it is developed to assess the credit risk of the applicant, taking into account the creditor’s interest,
  • is adapted and approved using accepted statistical principles and methods,
  • it is periodically improved through the use of appropriate statistical principles and methods, modified in order to maintain the ability to assess the future.

Understand revolving credit and new rules

The bills are coming up and the money shortening, and the alternative is to use the credit card to get away from the squeeze. Then, the minimum invoice is paid, disregarding the card’s revolving credit. Incidentally, do you know what the revolving credit is? Do you know the new rules of the credit card?

Let’s uncomplicate this whole thing so you do not fall into defaults.

What is revolving credit?


We use the revolving credit through the payment of the minimum amount of the invoice of the card, in that sense, any amount paid less than the total of the invoice, is a revolving credit.

  • Understand the installment of the credit card invoice

This credit option is made available to the consumer when he or she does not pay the full amount of the card’s invoice until the due date.

However, the difference between the total and the minimum amount paid is converted into a loan, and therefore, there is the occurrence of interest until the end of the debt.

  • Installing credit card charges interest?

How does revolving credit work?

How does revolving credit work?

Three points of this modality need to be exposed to understand its functioning:

  1. The institution that provided the card will analyze its ability to meet the limit made available;
  2. The revolving credit can only be used for one month;
  3. If it is not possible to pay the full amount of the next invoice, the institution can propose a new line of credit.
  • How does the credit card invoice work?

Inside the new credit card rules

Inside the new credit card rules

In order to reduce the interest of the rotary, the limit of only of 30 days was defined. After this period, the amount must be paid in full.

The new rules were adopted in April 2017. The purpose is precisely to prevent consumer over-indebtedness.

Be careful!

  • With the rotary, the care must be redoubled:
  • Analyze if you can afford the plots;
  • Be aware of the invoice amount;
  • Track the interest rates used;
  • Make control of your purchases in installments;
  • Try to pay the full amount of the invoice to avoid interest.

I can not take the invoice, and now?

If you get tight, you can seek other lines of credit with lower interest rates.

To do this, see the interest rate for the rotary, simulate with the Financial Group and compare. Easy, fast, no-bureaucratic loan is our guarantee.

  • How to get out of credit card debt?

Financial Group, you far from red.